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Benchmark manufactures some of the finest wedding bands in the world. They are authentically crafted in the US with the purest gold and finest platinum. All Benchmark wedding bands are die-struck, a process of applying an immense amount of pressure to the precious metal to mold it into the perfect shape.


Bernardi designer jewelry
Bernardi designer earrings
Bernardi designer bracelet


Carla is one of the handful of fine jewelry manufacturers left in Rhode Island – once the jewelry manufacturing capital of the United States. With the incorporation of the Nancy B. line a decade ago it has both the classics and the light, airy yet bold styles of today’s jewelry.

Carla designer jewelry
Carla designer earrings
Carla designer amethyst ring


Chamilia comes from the belief that everyone has dimensions of character. Designer and co-founder Killian Rieder was inspired to create a way for all women to express that meaning. Killian creates new beads based on the ever-changing world around us. They are one-of-kind combinations of dazzling sterling silver, 14k gold, Swarovski® crystal, colored stones and Italian Murano glass. Whatever your personal style, Chamilia jewelry has something just as unique as you.

Dobbs of Boston

For nearly 30 years Dobbs of Boston has been recognized as manufacturers and importers of fine jewelry that makes the perfect gift or guilty pleasure – at guilt-free prices. The quality and styling evoke today’s styles which will become her treasured staples.

Dobbs of Boston designer jewelry
Dobbs of Boston designer bracelet

David Connolly

We have worked with David for many years. He has had a fascinating jewelry journey from an individual importer to designer to manufacturer. He’s from the area and he is known for a classic New England look, fine quality and great value.

Dilamani Designs

Dilamani Designs utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques to craft cutting-edge jewelry. Made in the US, Dilamani Designs specializes in dramatic, eye-catching pieces and never loses sight of providing the highest quality.

Facets Rings

We love the Facets line for its graceful, classic designs meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime, like the ceremony it embodies. They like to say it is designed not to overwhelm, but offers a well rounded assortment of styles for even the most discerning bride. We are proud to say that the entire line is made here in Boston.

Herco Jewelry

Herco is our favorite high-end classic Italian importer. They have both the now hard-to-get high quality basics as well as totally fresh new classics.


Since 1958, Norgem has been designing and manufacturing fine jewelry with classic New England styles that last forever. They provide us with a quality product at competitive prices, backed by first-class service.

Officina Bernardi

This is a Made-in-Italy line that has to be seen! The finish on these machine cut links and beads is so shimmery (if that’s a word) that almost everyone asks what type of stone they are. Pictures don’t come close showing the sparkle effect. See them at Nordstroms and Bloomingales, buy them from us at significant savings.

Rembrandt Charms

There’s only one Rembrandt – The World’s Largest Charm Company. We offer a variety of charm styles in sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, 14k yellow and white gold. Rembrandt is a family-owned business that has been designing and manufacturing charms and charm bracelets for over 40 years.


Solvar is our preferred jewelry supplier from the Emerald Isle. They are based in Dublin and have an extensive line of fine items ranging from ring to cuff links in all price ranges.

Tom Kruskal Designs

Tom hand-crafts all his designs from start to finish right here in Massachusetts. The line is classic, simple yet exciting when worn. Each piece is hand forged, heat treated and hand polished to create a perfect finish for each uniquely crafted piece. He works in 14K yellow and white gold as well as sterling silver.

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